How to get healthy hair for cool hairstyles

Healthy hair is the base of cool and stylish hairstyles. With the shiny and healthy hair, you can add a lot of styling and cool accessories to make it more beautiful and elegant. There are many suggestions by the cosmetologists and hairdressers which may help you in getting the best and healthy hair. Take a look:
First of all, remember NOT TO wash your hair daily. It will make them dry and fizzy as the natural oils of your hair are washed away. DO NOT shampoo your hair most frequently, instead wash and shampoo your hair only 3-4 times a week. SKIP using shampoos and hair treatment serums as they make your hair soft and supple and they can break easily while you are combing. Always comb your hair before washing to minimize hair loss. Oil you hair with almond or olive oil and leave them covered for at least 2 hours before washing. Never brush or comb your hair immediately after washing. Let them air dry and then comb them starting from the tips.
Mask your hair at least once a week with natural products. There are many hairdressers who use the masks of natural products like yogurt, sour cream, egg yolk and oils. These things are harmless and leave your hair with incredible studio shine and softness. I am sure, everyone will ask you about the product which you are using. You can also apply aloe Vera hair mask and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to get the best results.
Minimize the use of heat treated styling. Instead, switch for the non heating hairstyles. REMEMBER to use hair protecting serums before using hot iron rod or curler. Use blow drier on cool air mode. I bet you will feel the change in the health and shine of your hair.